funny, 21 days isn't really that long at all--a mere 3 weeks. but when you're waiting and wondering and hoping for something... 21 days can seem like just about forever. our 21 days ended early this week, with two chicks hatched one night, one hatched the next morning and four more hatched the following evening.  a total of seven chicks--the 2 hens were sitting on 17 eggs, but there were a couple of different issues that i think led to a low hatch count. 

anyhow, there are here and they are fluffy! the kids can't get enough--practically every sentence begins and ends with something regarding the baby chicks. lucy insists on wearing only items with pockets, in order to take the chicks on rides. we are visiting them out in their coop non-stop from dawn until dusk. fun times. once they get a little bit bigger, i may actually be able to get some things done around here. until then, it's all about the chicks, man.