here we go...

i can't believe i'm starting a green blog.

first of all, there's like tons of them out there already. i'm way late for the trend.
second, what the hell do i know about going green? i've done my fair share of dirtying up the planet... mostly out of ignorance. and up until this point, it's been pretty convenient to keep my head buried comfortably in the sand. and to tell you the complete truth, i've often felt that one person, doing all the right things, doesn't really make a difference. so why not keep life simple & easy? grab n' go? perfectly packaged?

sounds good to me. except for the fact that, since little lucy arrived in the world, i've been totally consumed with making her immediate environment (i.e. me and jer, lucy's daddy) and the worldwide environment (i.e. what lies beyond our backyard) as safe as possible. i swear. great things come in teeny packages, and lucy is the perfect example of that. her health & happiness is of utmost importance to me. there's simply no better reason to green up.

luciana june. worth all the trouble in the world,

and then some.


Anonymous said...

i'm sorry. i peeked. love love love you writing again. love the bootie shots. (on old blog, that might have been a reference to boo-tay. now is reference to booties. socks for cute feets.) keep at this, mama. you making yo' girl proud. (lucy.) (& me too.)

bethy said...

I cant believe that i am the last to know about this whole blogging thing lol. i am so glad that nicole showed me your website. it really is fun to read, i love all the pictures and i love following your family's story. lucy is adorable, and is lucky to have you as a mom! i believe all the things each of us do make a huge difference. i am also glad to be part of this green community that i had no idea existed :). anyway, i look foward to your future blogs. i gave you a shout-out (lol) on my page. under the i have finally committed blog.