hudson is six months!

half a year? half a year? older, even, because i'm tragically late with this post? sigh. though, like every mama, i lament the fact that time goes too fast, i have to say that this little guy gets more and more fun as the weeks and months go by. on to the photos...

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recent talents include:

~ showing off a new tooth
~ wowing the ladies with a sweep of blonde hair
~ pulling up on wobbly legs (yikes, are you serious?)
~ belting out "mamamama," when he cries
~ snuggling.i thought no one could top lucy in the cuddling department, but this guy fits next to his mama like a missing puzzle piece.
~ getting onto hands and knees from a seated position. next stop, crawling. time to re-baby-proof, i guess.

half a year of hudson, people. he's definitely changed us all over here at the valley girl home. for better, of course, but you knew that, right?



Jackie said...

What a cutie! My daughter just turned a year old. Time truly does go much faster once you have kids!

Renee said...

happy half, hudson!