this is not spring...

but it felt just a teeny bit springlike. okay, we might have had a picnic of soup and bread instead of cheese & crackers, and we may have been wearing sweatshirts instead of short sleeves. but the sun felt warm on our faces and our breath wasn't puffing out of our mouths. there were squirrels trying to raid our basket while we slid and swung and dug in the dirt, and if that's not a little bit hopeful and cheery and spring-ish, i don't know what is.

dear spring: thanks for the tease. xoxo, valleygirl & kiddos.


Lyndsey said...

what beautiful moments captured on film!

Anonymous said...

We had a day like this yesterday. Today was all yucky and rainy!!
I have followed your blog gor a little over 2 years It's so neat to see how many new green things you are doing. I bought your first homemade diapers. They held up well my baby used them over a year. They are still functional and don't look too worn. They are better night than day diapers though.