little feathery things...

hello there. i'm digging out from beneath a downy pile of chick fuzz to report that easter happened. the bunny was good to lucy and hudson (who have been extra good themseleves) and brought 2 baby chicks for easter day. they were such a hit, this mama decided to add three more to the mix. which brings the new total up to a whopping thirteen: 5 babies (muffin, easter, bagel, cream cheese and chocolate chip), 5 old friends (peach, prudence, penny, pippen and foghorn), and 3 wild tree chickens (music, freddie and flyer). wow. i'm impressed that i can keep all of that straight--especially with a three year old on the naming committee.

the chicks are well and they are definitely what one might call handraised. the term lap chickens might be more appropriate. we are hoping that the two easter chickens are not roosters, since the easter bunny waited until the last minute and had to settle for chickens not checked for sex. i have got sincere doubts about the blondie in the second photo. only time will tell.

came home from a camping trip to find that two of the tree chickens have been hiding eggs in hopes of hatching them. without a rooster this is impossible, so with lucy's delight we collected a grand total of 22 eggs between two birds. these are small bantam birds that lay tiny little eggs which are mostly yolk. very fun for teeny tiny egg breakfasts. now if we could only convince the birds to come to the (safe) coop to sleep, instead of the trees.

peep, peep!

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The Silly Canner said...

Love it! How fortunate you and your family are to not only have farm fresh eggs at your fingertips, but to also have the experience and joy of raising your own chickens!

Happy Mother's Day!