late spring/summer-ish weather returns. we are out of our sweatshirts and into big pots of sun-warmed hose water. well, that goes for the kids, anyway. i stood on the sidelines armed with towels.

today was a challenging day for me as a mama. lucy & hudson whined, cried and fought, pretty much nonstop, for the entire duration of the day. save, of course the 45 minutes they were running around whole foods like complete banshees, laughing hysterically at themselves. oh, and then there was the very end of the day when these photos were taken. a small snapshot of peace and bliss, squeezed ever-so-tightly in between the tantrums.

the moment jeremy walked though the door i headed (sprinted without looking back) out to the library to pickup a couple of books i had on hold. this summer's required reading list is all about urban farming: the quarter acre farm (how i kept the patio, lost the lawn and fed my family for a year); and farm city, the education of an urban farmer. have just finished animal vegetable miracle by barbara kingsolver and highly recommend it as a great and informative read. we are revisiting some ideas about self-sustainability around here. big changes are coming in our future.

as for this moment, i am drinking a bit of wine and ready to delve into the pages that lay before me. kids have been in bed since 6:30 and all is again well with the (my) world. cheers!

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