we had a picnic...

the weather was lovely, the kids were in great moods. and so, come noon, we headed outdoors for a picnic. spread out a big blanket, brought out the dishes. thinking that the slight chill in the air could be combated with some hearty autumn fare, chili was on the menu.


my mistake. i now understand why picnics are usually relegated to handheld food. at least when a couple of toddlers are on the invite list.

it started innocently enough. a big bowl of chili for the three of us to share, plus some fruit on the side.

aaaaand.... it went downhill from there.

as with any good outdoor meal, there was lots of what i refer to as "picnic shrapnel." crumbs and spills, miscellaneous tiny utensils and hunks of uneaten foods. only this time, lots of it was smeared across faces, mashed into the picnic blanket, stuck under fingernails and wiped across my jeans. i make a fabulous (and eco-friendly!) napkin.

the good news is that cookies do, officially, make everything better. especially when consumed with a beer while ill-mannered toddlers are napping.

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Anonymous said...

Your picnic photo sequence is HILARIOUS. I just snorted at my desk. What a great blog! I look forward to reading more ~ Thank you!!

(& it's a steep learning curve, isn't it? I took my twin toddlers to a picnic event at which my husband had to working... Lesson learned: black - NOT a good color for a picnic outfit.)