and we're off...

off, in search of a real swimming hole. forget this old sink business!

today was a blur of planning, packing and cooking--peach jam, empanadas, easy beans, and the best cookies ever, among other things. i think i have given links to all of those recipes before, but they are standbys in our summer kitchen, and a must when we're taking the kitchen on the road. which we are--nearly a full week of camping at one of our very favorite places. our gear is piled high and ready to be loaded into the truck, the food is prepped and pretty much making me delirious with good smells. summer, you have officially arrived at the valleygirl home. no offense, but it took you long enough.

i had hoped to write a few posts and have them pop up spontaneously over the next week, but as usual my time management skills are lacking. better luck next time.

we shall return, with many photos and stories under our belts, i'm sure.

until then!

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