you, i adore...

we here at the valleygirl household are smack-dab in the middle of a move across town. as i'm sure many of you know, packing up an entire household is no small task. add to that all of the things we've got hanging around for our reselling business, and you've got stacks and stacks of boxes, piles of furniture, and genuine disorder pretty much everywhere you look. needless to say, acquiring more stuff has not been high on my list of things to do as of late. in a moment of optimism (weakness?) i found myself at the thrift store this afternoon. don't know why--it kind of just happened. the kids are always up for a trip--the sea of plastic, battery operated toys is absolutely enticing. like moths to a flame.

i browsed the aisles, noticing an alarmingly high rate of my old stuff. a general rule of thrift store thumb should be to not shop for at least a couple of weeks after you have taken carloads of your unwanted things for donation. but i digress. anyway, there i was, pawing through junk that looked eerily familiar, when i came across this vintage gallon jar. the decal did me in, people. it ended up in my cart, despite my best efforts not to add more stuff to my must-pack pile. for 69 cents i couldn't help myself. i have a weakness for burros. it's a good thing the new house comes with a whole lot of property. are you listening, jeremy???

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als said...

Good luck with the move! My husband and I just moved at the end of June, so I know exactly how you're feeling! I really enjoy reading your past entries, you've inspired me to not dry my clothes for the month of July! Since we've moved to a 2 acre place, I now have a clothes line! Thanks for the great inspiration!