this moment...

one day late... but better late than not.

making it work...

we are making do in the final few weeks before our move. and occasionally finding ourselves missing things that have been packed up. one of these things is a rolling pin. why i packed the rolling pin is beyond me. thankfully a straight-walled cup comes in handy for rolling out dough, and we had enough to go around.

of course, it's worth noting how many things we haven't missed. so much of what we have in our kitchen is superfluous. it will be worth thinning out the non-essentials while we unpack. before we make room for them in the new kitchen.

on a side note, little lucy has become a pretty efficient helper in the kitchen. she can crack an egg, work a whisk, and roll out dough nearly as well as i can. all that time spent letting her "help" has paid off--she really is a helper now!


time flies...

lucy, 9 days old

hudson, 12 days old

i've been going though photos in an attempt to clean up the computer. fighting baby fever as i look at those old images--though truth be told these two are a lot more fun now than they used to be. if only i had a scale big enough for them now--combined weight is 62 pounds!


a tiny little pot...

of raspberry jam, made a few days ago, between getting the kids their lunch and putting them down for their naps. my jam-making history is short--since only last summer--and has always been full of big batches. usually 12 pints or more, a day full of stirring and pouring and processing. this tiny little pot was refreshingly simple, and dare i say, completely and totally enjoyable. bonus points for the fact that i was able to use up a a pint of too-soft raspberries (kids wouldn't touch them) instead of throwing the lot into the compost.
part of what made the processing so short was the fact that i didn't have to heat the huge canning pot full of water, which takes nearly an hour on our electric stove. instead, i used a regular-sized pot, and this sweet little vintage, single-sized canning rack. cute, no?

if you've never tried making jam, try your hand with just a couple of pints of berries. with such a small batch, you don't even have to process the jars to seal them--just make sure that you eat it up within a few weeks. your morning toast will thank you!