a wee little addiction...

tonight will be the FOURTH night in a row that we've had this on the dinner table. and no, we're not on night four of leftovers--i've been roasting up broccoli nightly. and may or may not have made two trips this week just to procure more broccoli. good thing it's in season.

monday night: made with broccolini, absolutely divine. breaded chicken legs on the side (hows that for a good reverse?)

tuesday night: made according to recipe, with regular broccoli. very good, and loads cheaper. more chicken legs.

wednesday night: made with the remaining broccoli and diced buttercream potatoes thrown in to roast alongside. did we have something else? oh yeah, it was pizza.

tonight: going to roast, then toss in with pasta, sundried tomatoes, marinated artichoke hearts and ground sausage. can't wait.

tomorrow? just broccoli? will the kids disown me?

told you it was an addiction...


this moment...

as always, inspired by soulemama....

happy weekend-ing! we're excited to be a part of the beach house style flea market in fairfax this sunday. if you're local, come & see us--we'll have lots of furniture (including a gorgeous 1940's PINK dresser that it pains me to part with) and many more garden-y things. all perfect for spring!


two new shoes...

a craaaaaaazy estate sale two weekends ago yielded loads of stuff for schoolbus vintage (our reselling business). but of course, there were things picked up that are intended to stay with us, at least for a little while. many vintage books to fill a couple of easter baskets, a few toys and dolls, and lots of pretty china for an upcoming tea party--there's a little chickadee round these parts about to turn 3!

and wouldn't you know it, i was able to find something that i've been looking for these past few months--a pair of clogs to be worn to visit the chicken coop (and nowhere else). coop shoes! picking up eggs is a fun but kind of dirty business. raking out the coop is not at all fun and an especially dirty business. coop shoes are a must!

you may recall lucy's somewhat recent thrift store find of a pair of wooden clogs. i actually later found a pair of my own, but could hardly walk in them, so i left them on the shelf. that girl has some serious skills to not fall flat on her face! these jollys are much more forgiving, and after a few days of wearing them they already feel like my own.

in life before children, i was a copywriter for smith & hawken gardening company. i recall having to write some charming catalog copy for these shoes, and being horrified at how hideous they were (i was undoubtedly wearing very high heels at the time). it's funny how things change.

the find of these clogs was another reminder that if you are very patient, eventually what you are looking for will come and find you. (have i told you about my $25 dyson vacuum? my like-new, $65 ergo baby carrier?) this happens especially when you are not looking. i am sometimes tempted to just go buy it because i am tired of waiting to find it. jeremy is pretty good about talking me down from that edge. ha.

all of this has me thinking--it is possible to go one year without buying anything new? i am mulling this over, trying to decide if i can make such a commitment. at first glance it doesn't seem too terribly difficult, as we don't buy much new as it is and a year goes quickly (lucy. three. 'nuff said). but i'm sure it's the little things i'm not thinking of.

anyhow. that's a post for another day!