had for $1.49

this sweet little baby gap outfit. soft thermal knit. roomy for a bulky diaper. and super warm with babylegs underneath. i found it at a nearby thrift shop last week, along with a few other items i couldn't live without.

when it comes to children's clothing, thrift shops vs. consignment shops is always a true conundrum for me. in my experience, thrift shopping takes lots of time and effort pawing through racks of junky stuff, keeping an eye out for a gem. as a payoff to all that effort though, prices are extremely low. consignment shopping offers tons more cute stuff, name brands and like-new quality, but with a higher price tag to go along. what's a girl to do?

a little of both?

into thrifting? this blog is a must-read!


Tammy said...

One can get so many cute things for little ones at resale shops. I'm constantly picking up clothes for my sisters two little guys for pennies on the dollar often new with tags!

Kristen Falkenstine said...

Since I've gone back to school and am long term unemployed, shopping has not been an option. I say "no" a lot. However, reading your blog triggered a thrift store visit today. BIG FAN. I got an awesome linen rectangle lamp cover (new) $4, wedge heels for date night (new) $7, and an awesome picture frame for $2. A shopping spree for $13? heck yes. :)

I think consignment vs. thrift town is a matter of time and money. If you have time and not money, thrift! If you have money and not time, consign! It's so rare to have both...

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