one-size wool?

you cloth-diapering mamas will surely agree with me when i say that, when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, buying one-size-fits-most diapers and covers is the way to go. one-size items also lend some simplicity to the equation when you've got 2 children in diapers (which we do, at nighttime). one-size diapers are easy to find--we like bumgenius, rocky mountain and swaddlebees the best. one-size covers aren't quite as easy to find, but they do exist. we've never had one--until now.

here's one of our favorite new diaper covers--the little beetle "little-to-big" wool cover. made out of organic wool with snap closure and rise adjustment. nice and soft. we've had this cover for about 2 months now, and i must say that i'm really pleased with it. it gets the job done, keeping dampness at bay. most often it's on hudson's bottom (he's on the medium setting), but lucy has worn it on several occasions without issue. i wouldn't expect it to fit a very large toddler, but lucy is 28 pounds and it will fit over a trim fitted diaper without a problem.

too cute, right? wool is always an investment, and this cover is no exception. i think i paid around $38 at my local cloth diapering store. but i know we'll get good use out of it--and that he won't be outgrowing it anytime soon. now, if only i could say that about the rest of his woolies. and his clothes, for that matter!

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