hudson is 11 months old!

seems like we took a trip to the beach around this very time last year. oh, that's right. we did. what a difference a year makes, hmmm???

anyway, hudson has just had his last monthly mini-birthday before turning 1. don't ask this mama where time goes. i have no idea and quite truthfully it makes me a bit sad. the days are long, but the years are short. so very, very true.

thankfully all i have to do is look at my BIG boy--trying to walk, babbling his little head off, chasing the cat, eating sand--and all is well. here are the photos:

new talents include:

~ taking steps! mama happened to miss it, but daddy and lucy both attest to FIVE steps taken last weekend
~ otherwise navigating the world via the "mowgli crawl." (see photo #3)
~ says "thank you" when handing something over. how polite!
~ practically convincing mama that five a.m. is a proper rising time
~ snuggling. the calendar might say otherwise, but he is still very much my baby (see final photos as proof!)
~ pointing out objects in books when asked
~ inching his way towards a first haircut
~ charming lucy daily. in her eyes, he's the best toy EVER.

gotta love him. cheers!

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Mommy of 3 said...

Oh my gosh, How fast they grow! He's so cute, great photos.