a vintage version...

of the pint-sized potty seat:

we already have a wooden potty chair, but i've had my eye out for a seat that makes sitting on the big toilet a bit more comfortable for a tiny tush. i've recently passed on many a seat decorated by dora the explorer and elmo--i just couldn't bring myself to buy something so... enhanced by cartoons. glad i held out. this vintage potty seat (complete with pee guard!) set me back $15 at the alameda antique fair. i held myself to only one purchase--we're there to make money now, not spend it!

month number two of "our shop" at alameda went very well, despite a bit of unexpected rain in the morning. no matter--we had umbrellas for sale! and guess who bought them? one of my favorite bloggers--she made the trip all the way from southern california with her lovely family and happened upon our booth! small world, right?

ah, it was good. we get lots of people shaking out heads in disbelief that we're out there with our two small kids in tow. as far as an answer is concerned, jeremy says it best--something along the lines of us being out there, together as a family, having fun. making money is just an added bonus. so true!

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