knee-deep in christmas crafting...

we're doing another christmas without wrapping paper or bags. well, store-bought wrapping paper and bags, that is. instead i've sewed a bunch of bags from scrap fabric. some, like the one above, were made from an old bedsheet. i let lucy have fun decorating this morning--we broke out a box of paints and she pretty much did her own thing with only a bit of guidance from me. i was on cleanup patrol and trust me, it wasn't pretty. after the handprint wreath, i let her get into the cookie cutters and she did some snowflake stamping. these were long strips of sheeting that i'll probably use wrapping paper-style instead of sewing into bags.

let me tell you, lucy took a very serious approach to her task or making wrapping paper. it was quite the experience to sit on the couch and let her have at it, deciding just exactly perfectly where to place each cookie cutter. too cute.

are you wrapping creatively this year???

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