little things...

a mountain of hair clips have been made for a (kinda) good little girl. i say "kinda" since she is not so good at keeping track of her hair clips! well, would any two-year old excel in that area? probably not. anyway, once again these clips are super simple to make--just a little ribbon and hot glue covering an alligator clip. it's fun to find all kinds of buttons--the buttons in photos 1 and 3 are from aimoobaroo on etsy. the buttons in the middle photo were pulled off of a vintage seat cushion. i'm currently swooning over a bunch of vintage buttons on etsy. like these and these and this. and not to mention these.

and of course, if you know me at all, you already know that i had a little elf sneak a few clips into her stocking as an early gift. this vintage rhinestone was just begging to be used!

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