old junk, made better...

we recently sorted through our crayons, picked out the broken ones and tossed them into muffin tins to get re-melted. of course, lucy had SO much fun breaking the already-broken crayons down into smaller pieces, that she totally ended up breaking crayons that were in perfect shape. eh, what can you do? i'd actually rather have 12 big crayons instead of 50,000 small ones. or, at least it feels like 50,000 when i'm the one picking them up. i'm sure you other mamas understand.

this was a super simple project, and only involved throwing the crayons into the oven (set at 350 degrees) for about 10 minutes. the finished product (which i didn't happen to get a photo of, yet) are pretty with swirls of color on the backsides. my only complaint would be that a layer of wax rose to the top, and that edge is non-writable. i did have some luck shaving it off with a sharp knife. next on the list is making a new set of crayons using beeswax, castile soap and natural colorings. the regular crayons got awfully stinky in the oven. oops--i guess that's two complaints!

the more natural beeswax crayons are slated to be one of the few stocking stuffers that santa brings to lucy and hudson. beeswax lip balm for lucy, some oranges and an organic twisted fruit or two (just lucy on that). a couple of toothbrushes and i'm calling it good. hows that for keeping it simple?

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