i like this...

wanted to quickly share some nice words i found today on the topic of less = more. especially pertinent to me at the moment since today i sold my extra large ikea dresser (for $200--thank you craigslist!) and purchased an amazing antique dresser to take its place (for $75--thank your craigslist!). photos to come, but the new dresser is significantly smaller, which means i'll have to do a bit of weeding through the piles of clothes (which are currently in baskets on my floor) in order to make it all work.

i don't usually find it difficult to purge my closets, but having just downsized from two dressers into one dresser a couple of months back, i am having to bite the bullet and really be firm with myself. curtailing new shopping hasn't been much of a problem for me--my outlook on brand-spankin-new-retail in general has changed significantly over time. getting rid of the old stuff--however unworn it may be--proves a bit more difficult. although i can rationalize that a non-stuffed dresser is easier to organize and keep organized, there's a nagging worry about all of a sudden having no proper clothes for a random specific occasion that will never arise.

you know?