some things...

thanks to those of you that emailed or commented with concern over just where we've got to in the last few weeks. your kindness is truly touching! i didn't mean to fall off the blogging train as much as it just happened--to say that we've been busy is a true understatement.

lots of our time has been devoted to buying & selling vintage & antique goodies. we're selling monthly at the alameda antiques fair and candlestick antiques fair, plus have just gotten a large space in a local shop. we're also selling at several different venues intermittently. all that chalks up to a large inventory--and lots of time dedicated to finding it, hauling it, storing it, fixing it, logging it, tagging it, packing it, hauling it, unpacking it, re-packing it. you get the idea. all with two (mostly cheerful) little ones in tow. i fall into bed every night completely exhausted. the upside is that i sleep very well.

not that we haven't had a little (lots of?) fun along the way, of course. things are always happening around this place, though i'm not as great at having my camera handy to capture these small moments as i used to be.

here are a few tidbits:

i managed to squeeze in a bit of sewing time, despite the fact that the once-all-mine backyard studio has been relegated to to-be-painted furniture storage, and i'm currently sewing in our office (which used to be a coat closet--and not the walk-in kind, either).

this simple banner replaced the fiber garland i had up at christmastime, and is made from a set of vintage quilt patches strung on a length of twine. the patches i found while cleaning out the aforementioned studio in order for it to become a storage space. sigh. such is life.

our low-key valentines day was marked only by a fun morning art project (and a bag of buffalo bleu kettle chips for jeremy--super romantic, i know!). this project consisted of a massive piece of brown paper and a single color of paint. we wanted glitter, but there was none to be found. the entire plan was to then cut up the paper into hundreds of hearts, and make hanging garlands to suspend from the ceiling. a little ambitious, no? (check out what eventually happened to our artwork in the next to last photograph in this post).

when regular painting starts to get old, break out a couple of matchbox cars to liven things up...

if the shoe fits, the two-year old should rock it. we stumbled across these genuine vintage-from-holland wooden clogs in the home decor section at the thrift shop. lucy squealed (after all, wynken blynken and nod one night sailed off in a wooden shoe). i said, "uh, i guess so. if they fit, of course."

like a glove, baby.

hudson has got himself a "new" tractor (and a hair clip--thanks, lucy!). as you can see, the tractor pulls an super rusty miniature wagon. talk about good times. until just recently the weather has been fabulously springlike--we're talking nearly three weeks of door-open-all-day, kids-running-around-half-clothed, bare-feet-in-the-sandbox type stuff. blossoms on the fruit trees, dafodills in the garden. a welcome break from winter, which has now returned full force with hailstorms and icy wind. trips out to ride the tractor are already being missed by our littlest guy!

posting in this space may remain intermittent for the next month or so, as we work to transition everything (like, um, life) and get settled into (onto?) our new path. plans are in the works for our very own webpage (complete with blog) but i (most usually a do-it-now kind of gal) am learning that all things take time. somewhere between the tortoise and the hare is what i'm aiming for. i think.

thanks much to all of you who are still hanging around.


Ashley W said...

Glad to hear you are doing well, I imagine your business must be exciting but exhausting! If I was any closer, I would love to check it all out!
I LOVE that banner! What a great idea!

Tiffany said...

How exciting! I'll be at the candlestick fair so I'll look for your space!

emilie said...

Sounds crazy busy! I hope you keep up with this blog and the eco friendly tips. I've loved following the past few years and you've definitely inspired me!

daisies916 said...

I'm glad things are good for y'all. I've definately missed the posts, but such is life. :) Happy crazy!!

kristen f said...

Such is life, indeed. Hey your links to your local shop are broken, it would be nice for your readers to see where they can purchase your treasures. Congrats on your forward march!

canoeingmom said...

So glad to get to read 3 of your posts in one day! The kids look like they have grown like weeds, esp Hudson. Time flys and life goes on. I am so jealous of the weather you are having as we are supposed to get snow AGAIN on Friday..yuk! I am also jealous I can't drop in to your shops I would so love to. Take care until next time!