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our new bread pan--a 1940's bakery pan we picked up at the alameda antique fair a couple weeks back (never mind the grime--it still needs a good cleaning). i thought it was a great price at $20. it will perfectly fit my favorite bread recipe, when doubled, giving us four yummy loaves at once. the only MINOR issue is that it's about half an inch wider than our oven, something we didn't realize until we got home. oops. now jeremy has a new project. 

i did make bread again last night (in my regular loaf pans) and it turned out fabulously. we are taking most of it on our upcoming vacation, instead of having to buy bread at the store once we arrive. this time around, i was able to use local wheat flour that i purchased at the san francisco farmer's market. the wheat was grown in dixon, ca, which is about 45 minutes from my home. pretty neat. the cost = 3 pounds for $5. not cheap by any means, but also not ridiculously priced for organic flour. an exciting find! 

have a great weekend, everyone!

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The818 said...

Just stopping by - one pregnant valley girl to another. Great blog!