lucy is 15 months!

we're just back from a delightful mini-vacation, celebrating jeremy & my 5-year wedding anniversary, along with lucy's 15 month birthday. we had tons of fun soaking up the sunshine and playing in the river in california's gold country. just the three of us--well, four if you count the little one kicking me in my ribs all day long--and it was truly a wonderful little escape. more photos to come as i get them organized. 

so what's lucy up to these days? new talents include: 

~"trotting." she's not quite at a galloping run yet, but this girl is picking up some real speed. 
~ stringing words together--'more please mama,' 'where dolly?' 'bad doggie,' etc. you can practically see the wheels turning in her head as she makes these connections--it's amazing. 
~ drawing with chalk on her chalkboard--so far we've convinced her not to draw on the walls!
~helping mommy feed the dog, wipe the floor, pick up toys, etc
~pointing out our car from a lineup in a parking lot--and actually getting it right most of the time
~new signs include "help," "night-night" (even though she already says these words) and "music."
~near mastery of the fork--the spoon remains another story



Meghan said...

happy anniversary, and happy 15 mo. birthday lucy!

Katie said...

Congrats guys! Milestones are awesome especially when threaded with love :)

Love those 15 mth pics, very creative.