makes me wanna shop...

it seems that amazon.com is on board when it comes to accepting accountability for sustainable shipping practices. i don't happen to shop on amazon too often, but apparently, for those who do, the site offers a new feature: rate that packaging. 

after receiving an order, customers can log on to amazon and dish about whether or not the right-sized box and packing materials were used for shipment. there's a bit more about the program on amazon's website. i personally like the part about customers uploading photos to support their feedback--reminds me of the time my large outdoor garbage can was over flowing with styrofoam peanuts from a pottery barn shipment. pottery barn is, to date, still my biggest offender of all the shipments i have ever received. a set of 5x7 photo frames in a box the size of an ottoman. small boxes within the large box. packing peanuts. those plastic things filled with air. and lots and lots of tape. no kidding. 


Katie said...

ugh. thanks for the tip!

never buy from pottery barn, gotcha.

Anonymous said...

you can drop off packing peanuts at the ups or fedex stores for reuse