farm box wednesday...

in this week's box: 

heirloom tomatoes
red peppers
purple grapes
asian pears
2 zucchini
yellow potatoes
2 cucumbers

the nice news is that we had a delicious salad tonight for dinner, using some of the items from our box. the bad news is that the lettuce was from trader joe's because i haven't yet gotten my act together enough to get to the farmer's market this week. trader joe's (though i love them dearly) has become my least favorite place to buy lettuce. something about buying lettuce in a bag just seems so very wrong to me now that i've bought so much farm-fresh lettuce. even whole foods has a bin that customers can scoop their own greens from (along with a big sign that says exactly where the lettuce was grown--whole foods is great for that). 

but our salad (paired with homemade bread right out of the oven) was great and we got very very full. jeremy commented that we should eat only salad for 6 months of the year, and soup for the other 6. now that would be an experiment. 

on a side note, i am considering growing our first fall/winter garden this year--i mean, i won't have my hands full with a baby or a toddler or anything. that way i can pluck my salad greens right from the ground. guides suggest mid-september as the right time to start planting. guess i'd better get on it. 

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