better late than never... lucy is 17 months!

as far as maintaining old talents is concerned, the girl loves to prove that she can still nibble on her feet if she so desires. on to the new stuff...

~ no more washing poopy diapers for this mamma! lucy has a 100% track record over the last month!

~ helping mommy & daddy feed the dog--bringing the bowl inside, watching us fill it, than carrying it ever so carefully to the backyard

~ taking excellent care of her baby dolls--giving them bottles, finding them clean diapers to wear, wrapping them in a blanket, rocking them, drawing on their faces with chalk... you get the idea.

~ throwing things--mainly the ball for maizy (good, lucy), but baby dolls have been known to fly around these parts (not so good, lucy).

~ starting to recite the correct words from books while "reading" to herself.

~ singing "a b c b."

~ asking for "cuddles" from mommy througout the day. with valleybaby #02 ready to arrive soon, i'm all too happy to give in to cuddling lucy as often as she wants!



Kim said...

Lucy is potty trained at 17 months??? That's incredibly AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

what a sweet pea! beautiful photos.