this post is a touch late...

but with our first autumnal storm about to hit hard tonight, it's only fitting i revisit the summer goodness we cracked into about three weeks ago, right?
mmmm, watermelon. we ate a LOT of watermelon this year, but this one was special--we grew it ourselves. overall, our garden had another generally crappy year (i'm starting to think the common denominator here is not enough effort on the part of the gardeners) but the two watermelon plants we put in actually did very well.
the fruit was sweet and juicy and not pithy at all. the only downside was a plethora of seeds (all of the watermelons we had over the summer were seedless). lucy and i cut into it on a hot afternoon and it was quite refreshing. it's funny--this girl will eat most anything plucked off of the plant. green strawberries included. get some farmer's market strawberries and put them in the fridge, bring them out and offer them up, and she wants not a thing to do with them.
anyway, we've got 2 more watermelons just like this one sitting ripe & ready on the vine. perhaps tomorrow will be the perfect time to do a bit of harvesting... if we can brave the 60 mph winds they're predicting!

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