this vintage hat...

is the inspiration behind lucy's halloween costume. she's gonna be a cowboy, folks. with a super cute hat and a real vintage shirt to match. and if i could get my hands on some leather cowboy boots in a size toddler 5/6 i would be a truly happy mama. actually, i would be ecstatic.

this cowboy boot blip is a moment of pain in my "only secondhand" rule for lucy at the moment. i've scoured all the consignment and thrift shops in my area without success. the antique fair was also a bust (found some in a size 7--and lucy soon proved that she cannot walk well in size 7 boots). i know for a fact that stores like walmart, target and payless carry the faux leather (read: pvc) variety, but i'm just not into it. i don't dare set foot into a halloween costume shop. so what's a good cowboy's mama to do?

i just don't know yet. one shop did have some plain brown robeez in lucy's size. robeez aren't boots, but they might just be the next best thing. i'm also eyeing some crocheted cowboy boots on etsy. stay tuned to see how it all turns out!

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