produce overload...

as many of you know, we recently switched farm box providers. this week was supposed to be the transition week, where we got no box at all. so of course i went to the farmer's market thursday and stocked up on things to get us through until next week.

and then...

our first farm box with farm fresh arrived yesterday morning. (can i just mention briefly how wonderful it is to have delivery service? so nice.)

here's what was in the box:

2 pounds gala apples
1.5 pounds concord grapes
1.5 pounds pluots
honeydew melon
2 pounds valencia oranges
1 pound sweet peppers
romaine lettuce
2 pounds heirloom tomatoes

and then....

the delivery guy came back. seems he had ANOTHER box for us. some kind of mistake, but he dropped it off anyway. here's what was in that box:

2 pounds gala apples
1.5 pounds red grapes
honeydew melon
1 pound sweet peppers
1 bunch red chard
kabocha squash
1 pound green beans
romaine lettuce
1.5 pounds heirloom tomatoes
red beets
2 pounds yukon potatoes.

anyone hungry?

after a call to customer service to get the mistake figured out (and to learn that we thankfully weren't being charged for that extra box) i set to putting everything away and figuring how we're going to use it all up. i'm unfamiliar with cooking beets, chard and kabocha squash. if anyone has any tips, they'd be appreciated. otherwise i'm planning on roasting the beets, making chard fritters, and treating the squash like a really big zucchini. and as soon as i can get myself out of bed, i'll be slicing and dicing my way to a big fruit salad. word has it we're having waffles this morning, so all that fresh fruit should be a yummy addition!

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