dressing up the place...

we had a fabulous bridal shower here a couple of months back. i didn't have time for lots of crafting, but had to make the d.i.y. flower garland from cakies. this was such a super-simple, scrapbusting project. i ended up making fifty feet of garland to hang back and forth across the slanted ceiling of my sewing studio, where the buffet luncheon was to be set up. so cheery and wonderful! i then made another 10 feet to hang against the window in our kitchen. neither garland has been taken down--they're just too pretty! i ended up spacing my flowers much more closely than the tutorial called for--about 4" apart. other than that, i followed the directions exactly. try for yourself and brighten up a space!


Renee said...

i love this so much! i'll be making some for the girls' birthday party!

Julie said...

definitely bookmarking this! love it.

and i love your blog! gave you a blog award!