hudson is 8 months old!!!

okay, in all honesty hudson is just a few days shy of nine months old. you know how it goes, right? i don't have to explain? okay, good. now on to the photos:

the last photo just kills me. i hear all the time that hudson looks a lot like lucy. well, there you have it. two peas in a pod.

this month, hudson is:

~ pulling up on anything and everything
~ doing the speed crawl
~ shrieking in synch with his sister. most commonly over breakfast.
~ showing off 3 new teeth (with 3 more on the way--somebody help me!)
~ doing "so big" with arms stretched out above his head. okay, he only did it twice. but i'm counting it.

hudson is going to be one of those kids that just barrels through the world. at least, that's my take on the situation. bull in a china shop--that's my boy. gotta love him. and that hair is to die for, if i do say so myself.

cheers! nine months is just around the corner!

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