the only issue i see with homegrown strawberries is that it's proving impossible to keep up with demand. this comes from a girl who shows only moderate enthusiasm over farmers market or store-bought strawberries, and almost always turns up her nose at a berry that's spent time in the fridge--perfectly ripe or not.

she will, when asked, offer up a few bites to baby hudson. today she even gifted me with a berry, though it had a bite out of it and had been rolled around in the dirt a few times. no telling what was going on there. odd. i did, however, rinse it off and eat it. there's something about a fresh-picked strawberry. perhaps it's in that the flesh is a bit warmed by the sun? so juicy and sweet and delicious. lucy's right--there is no comparison.

we have about 30 strawberry plants. not all are producing well--i need to get some mulch on them to help hold in all that water they need. from these plants, we get about 5-8 berries a day. something tells me that next year we'll need an additional 30-40 plants. maybe then there will be some left for me?


Mama Christina said...

Our strawberries didn't produce very well the first year... much better the second year... much better still once we planted a raspberry bush over the top of them... now we have tons of raspberries AND strawberries. Still barely enough to keep up with demand though!

Fiona said...

Agree with previous comment. Sometimes the plants just take a few years to get going.
And agree with your daughter about those fresh, sun warmed strawberries. We can't get enough of them here either!