favorite finds...

last week's vacation was shopping heaven for this thrift-and-antique-shop-loving mama. here are a few favorite things that found their way back to the valley girl home:

a set of 6 vintage cloth diapers. these are so fabulously simple--contour diapers (no elastic) that allow the user to fold for extra absorbency in either the front or back. the flannel is soft and well loved. i love them so much, i'm planning on making at least a dozen more for my little guy. these were part of a fill-a-grocery-bag-for-$4-sale. i piled my bag high with vintage bloomers for lucy, a vintage crib blanket, a few other items of clothing and some sandbox toys. plus the diapers. steal. a vintage crib toy. hudson prefers to roll it around on the floor. what's a crib, mom? $16 or $18--i don't remember.
vintage pyrex. i'm slowly phasing out all plastic tupperware, and the new glass stuff is just to pricey (and too boring) for my taste. $2.
vintage ball canning jar lids. for my jars! 5 lids, plus the original box. $8.
these cheery little salt and pepper shakers. jeremy thinks i'm crazy, but that's okay, right? i forget how much these little cuties cost, but it was in the range of $10.
a child's chamber pot for one of lucy's playmates (we have one already--it's our "car potty"). $6
a child's bank, complete with combination. $3.50.
a vintage french cooking pot. my biggest splurge at $26. i personally can't believe i spent that much on a pot, but it does look quite cheery in my kitchen--much more so than the stainless steel pot that it's replacing.
and jeremy thought we'd have more room in the car on our way home from our trip. silly guy!

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Tiffany said...

That cooking pot is so cool! Those are great finds:)