big things going on tonight...

with all this history in the making, i've been a little distracted. tonight i find myself hoping that change will indeed come, and that at least some of that change will be focused on how to better handle our environment and climate change (among tons of other important issues, of course). barack's speech this evening was full of hope & promise--i know we're all counting on him to deliver.

besides all that, we had a slight touch of wintry weather over the end of last week and the weekend. a large storm passed through, and now we're being hit with some chilly air from the north. it all serves as a harsh reminder that this half of the year leans a bit in the un-eco direction: the days are shorter, with more need for artificial light. cooling temperatures already have me eyeing the heater to keep lucy comfortable. the bathtub is calling my name in the evenings. diapers are taking nearly 3 days to dry indoors--good thing we have lots to go around--and i'm not up to the task of line-drying our clothes indoors.

not yet anyway. wait till the mid-winter energy bills come--i might get motivated. in the meantime, i'm looking into ways to cut down on drying time: an extra spin cycle, dryer balls, and throwing a dry towel in with the damp clothes are all methods that are supposed to have good results. we'll see what works best!

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jollymae said...

The dry towel trick works like a charm!! I use it when I need a pair of pants dried in a hurry (I know I know, not so eco friendly drying ONE pair of pants! lol) I've used it for diapers too - kushies seem to take FOREVER and a day to get done in the dryer.