home again...

lucy and i are home from the monterey coast. we had a wonderful time with 2 of my very best friends, and all stayed together in a nice house very near to the beach. we were spoiled rotten with 85 degree temperatures, zero fog and hardly a breeze to speak of--and were able to lounge around on the beach as though it were summertime. the only bummer was not bringing enough warm-weather clothes, but we made due with what we had.

our rental property was not only within walking distance to the beaches, but also to several grocery stores. this is a luxury that i don't get to experience during my regular life, and it was so nice to be able to hit up the store for a bottle of milk (and, um, doughnuts) while out on our morning walk. i'm jealous of people who get to do this kind of thing on a regular basis! and i was also excited that the homeowners of the rental property kept a compost bin in their backyard. i didn't find it until the second day there, and tossing out food scraps after composting all this time felt very strange.
we were able to spend a long morning at the montery bay aquarium. i hadn't been since i was quite young, and hardly remembered any of it. we had a wonderful time. the sheer varieity of sealife that they house there is amazing. i liked the jellyfish and sea otters best, but lucy was enthralled with the pengiuns, who tried to nibble at her wiggly fingers through the glass wall. as far as eco-related stuff, there was loads of information about ocean sustainability, especially as related to responsible seafood consumption and the permanence of plastics.

anyway, here are just a few lucy pictures from our trip. i took way less pictures than i normally do--she's getting more and more active (and also a bit clingy) and without jeremy with me it's hard to have the camera out all of the time to capture those random, priceless moments. enjoy!

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