trash-watch november...

i can't fully believe that we're committing to this, but here goes. november at our house is gonna be all about garbage. we've decided to keep tabs on the amount of trash that we generate through the course of the month, in part out of curiosity, and in part as a learning tool: if we know how much and what kind of waste we create, then we'll be better armed when it comes to changing our habits. that's the hope, at least. 

here's the base of the plan--though i'm sure problems will pop up along the way!

~ keep all garbage that we accumulate throughout the month while at home
~ bring home all reasonable garbage that we accumulate while out of the house 
~ separate waste into four categories: compost, recyclables that can be processed by our trash company, recyclables that cannot be processed by our trash company, and actual trash--stuff that cannot be composted or recycled. 
~ toilet paper won't be kept, but we will keep the empty rolls to track usage
~ we'll go 1 month without setting our garbage out to be picked up, with the exception of nasty stuff--especially food that can't be composted. we aren't looking to attract any vermin during this project!

i think that's it for now... pictures to come?

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