just leave it to me...

if you've been reading this blog for awhile, you might recall my letter to old navy asking them to reconsider sending out hundreds of thousands of plastic bags as part of their "stuff & save" promotion.

i am thrilled to report that it seems they have listened.

a good friend of mine mentioned to me today that her sister recently got a card in the mail from old navy. instead of having a plastic bag attached, the card simply explained the stuff & save promotion, and invited customers to come to any old navy store for a free reusable tote bag in which to stuff. apparently there was also some eco-related verbiage on the card, but i didn't get one in the mail yet so i can't quote it directly.

kudos to old navy. this is a nice step towards being an environmentally responsible company, and i hope others in the marketplace take note.

is this nothing more than a great coincidence? maybe. of course, i prefer to imagine that i am singlehandedly saving the planet. who shall i write to next?


Om Zuzu said...

I got this card too. I was so happy. I know a lot of people have contacted them about the stuff and save promotion.

MC said...

Sooo...I got a stuff and save bag in the mail yesterday. Not just the card...the whole thing. The same bag I always get and don't use. Perhaps Pennsylvania isn't seen as a green market by them?

For what it's worth, I have been boycotting them since they took their plus-sized line out of the stores. The last thing I want to do is buy Old Navy clothes that I haven't had an opportunity to try on...and their on-line only plus-sized line would force me to do just that...so no Old Navy for me!

I do have to say that even if they cut in half the number of bags they sent out, that would be huge. Maybe next time, there will be no bags sent at all!