election = over...

what are people doing with all of their campaign signs? (besides, um, wearing them).

i don't personally have any signs of my own, but reading up on the issue it seems that nearly all types of campaign signs are recyclable--from wood to metal to corrugated plastic. so don't just toss! if a particular material isn't accepted by your local waste management facility, chances are there's somewhere nearby that will process it... earth911.com can help you locate a place.

feeling super crafty? here's a link for do-it-yourself directions on turning plastic campaign signs into bicycle accessories--handlebar baskets, panniers and fenders. follow the individual links on the page to view the instructions. not only do i not have any campaign signs, but i also don't have a bike so i seriously can't try this at home.

the eco-conscious county of brevard, florida is recycling plastic signs into materials to make park benches. read the article here. they win the prize for creativity!

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