recently "upcycled" at the valley girl home...

every so often we need to replace our house broom, demoting the old broom into one that can be used in the garage or backyard. but this time around, lucy got a pint-sized broom of her very own. she's super keen on helping me do anything around the house--to the point where her "help" is more of a really cute (and slightly frustrating) hinderance. lucy was very often after my broom in a big way as i swept. no longer. jeremy just sawed off the top of our old broom and put the plastic cap back over the sawed-off end. a little bit of duct tape is ensuring that the cap stays on so that the jagged edge isn't a safety hazard. lucy's happy, i can now sweep in peace with my little helper nearby, and we found use for something that might have otherwise been tossed. pure success!

cleaning up the great outdoors is no small task, my friends. but lucy seems up to the task!

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