check out these babies...

aww, triplets. aren't they cute? in that icky-plastic-made-in-china-junk-doll-kind-of-way? well, don't worry, i haven't lost my head (entirely). lucy's "school" that we attend twice weekly is seriously hard up for some babydolls. many catfights have ensued, my sweet darling baby girl often heading up the punches. seriously, people, we can't expect 15 toddlers to share 1 babydoll and a couple lame-o teddy bears, can we? i think not. everyone knows that teddy bears are unacceptable alternatives to babies.

i picked up these beauties at a thrift shop today at the unfathomable price of 69 cents each. and while i'd totally prefer to be donating dolls made of safer plastic or cloth, i gotta do what fits the budget. and be happy that i'm giving a few unwanted dollies a new home where they'll be loved and adored for years to come, instead of hitting up target for some in-the-box-plastic. i'm also pleased that they don't have that babydoll-fresh-scent to them that new babies have. does this mean they've off-gassed?

well, this post is just a reminder that (for nearly all items) buying used is an excellent, eco-friendly alternative to buying new. even when said items are friends made out of plastic.

and i have to admit i think the middle one is kinda cute. i like her pouty face.

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