our final csa box...

with our current farm, anyway.

today's box contained:

green beans
asian pears

tonight's dinner was trader joe's mango chicken sausages (so very good) and a saute of green beans, tomatoes, and onion and garlic. lots of olive oil. salt & pepper. cooked until very soft. lucy & i topped ours with cheese. it was quite good!

tomorrow night we're having crash hot potatoes. i made these last week and they were really yummy, so we bought a bunch of red potatoes at the farmer's market this past weekend to make them again. now, with our csa potatoes, i'll be making a couple dozen of them. no worries there--we're working hard to freeze some food so that we can eat (and feed lucy) healthfully once the new baby arrives. we're under the 6-week mark now, people. it's time to get serious. i have a feeling that these potatoes will freeze well.

we're sad to say goodbye to our current csa, but look forward to getting home delivery with our new farm. it took all the resolve i had in me to sign up for the local-only option--there is a box that offers produce from neighboring states washington & oregon. but we're really committed to the idea of staying local as much as we can. our new farm provides a larger box, which will also mean even more produce in our diet--it cannot be a bad thing!

funny, but the talk of produce just reminded me that i found a local source for free-range, grass-fed beef. the cows are being raised not 15 minutes from my home. i had no idea! and fully plan on visiting the farm next week a making a small purchase to try it out. right now we eat only minimal amounts of beef, opting instead for poultry and pork, and omitting meat altogether in many of our meals. having a local source of healthful, humanely-treated beef might just shift things a bit.

happy autumn to everyone!

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