a solution?

i'm thinking i might have found a perfect ending to my egg dilemma. all at once it hit me to try craigslist to see if anyone might be selling their own chicken eggs independently. look at this posting i came across: 

"Farm Fresh brown chicken eggs from organically fed and free range chickens. Our chickens roam freely on our ranch from morning until evening. They are only supplemented with natural feed that is not chemically treated or enhanced for egg production. We have about one dozen eggs per day depending on the weather so call ahead if you want several. Eggs are assorted sizes from jumbo to small. Our eggs have much darker and firmer yolks than store bought and taste so much better. Our chickens are truly free range and the hens naturally feed throughout the day. "

$3 a dozen

$3 a dozen? seriously? you know what they say--if it sounds too good to be true, than it probably is. but i'm holding out much hope, and calling for more information tomorrow. it seems these egg-layin' hens are located about half an hour from my house, but not too far out of my general circle of travel.

cross those fingers! 


Scottish Twins said...

All of the free-range, local eggs I get are also $3 or less per dozen. Definitely not too good to be true!

It's amazing how much the grocery store brands are marked up!

Family Time said...

not on that subject but I came across an article that says if you steam veggies save the water left over for boiling potatoes, rice or anything that you would use to cook with. Or you can save it to use on plants in the garden. the nutrients give it that extra boost