you would not believe...

this entry should be prefaced by saying that i do 99.99% of my grocery shopping either at "nicer" grocery stores and the farmer's market. i haven't been to safeway in a long, long time. 

but i did run to safeway this afternoon to grab 2 items--nutella & wonton wrappers (to make chocolate hazlenut ravioli--divine). anyway, i went to the quick checkout line (15 items or less). i don't know about you, but i'm a 15 items or less evaluator--yep, that's right, i'm totally counting your items, people. what else do i have to do while i wait? anyway, the woman ahead of me had 14 items. and when it came time to bag up her groceries, the cashier and the bagger gave her--

seven plastic bags. 

yep. they double-bagged 2 quarts of ice cream, and double-bagged a dozen eggs. the rest of the items were lightly divided into the remaining 3 bags. not a single one was full. 

i guess because i spend the bulk of my shopping time at places like whole foods and trader joe's (where many people bring their own bags, and the stores do not supply plastic) i'm out of the loop when it comes to this extreme wastefulness. i mean, i was floored. so much that i really wanted to say something, but all that i could manage to muster was an "i don't need a bag for my 2 items, thanks."

if any of you readers are still using plastic, now's the time to make the switch once & for all! do it for your loyal blogger, who's jaw is still on the floor!


Lisa said...

I believe it! I see it often at Target, its sad.

Michelle said...

I have been living in Europe for 8 years where this would never happen (at least near me) and whenever I am home visiting in the States I too am completely surprised by the wasteful insanity of grocery store plastic bags. Really people, how hard is it to bring your own?

PS: I've been lurking on your blog for awhile, and I really enjoy it! I think I found it from thenest.com

laura said...

i know, it's shocking. when i have to go to safeway i ride my bike and fill my backpack with groceries. the weird thing is, i SEE that they have paper bags, they just don't use them. if people want paper, they have to ask for them specifically.

also, safeway is not cheap. i feel much better about what i'm paying for the food i get when i go to TJ's.

DieselMonkey said...

um....chocolate hazelnut ravioli??? YUM!!!!