prettying up the silver...

over the weekend i managed to score a few new utensils for lucy. she was desperately in need of forks, only having two. finding antique silver baby spoons is a relatively easy task due to their collectable nature--forks and knives, not so much. so when i came across 4 forks at the sacramento antique fair (priced at $1/each!) i snapped them right up. two of the forks even had matching spoons to go with! aren't they cute?

i mean, cute if you can get past all of that tarnish. not being a very fancy girl, i had no idea about polishing silver, but you can bet i wasn't about to go buy some chemical-laden silver cleaner, right? no, instead i googled "natural way to polish silver," and learned that it can be easily done by making a paste of baking soda and water, letting the items set in the paste for awhile, and then scrub-scrub-scrubbing at them with damp cloth. yes, it took quite a bit of elbow grease (i enlisted jeremy after my arm got tired) but take a look at how cute lucy's wee utensils are now:

pretty pretty, right? and for those of you who requested a belly shot, well, i guess technically that's me (upside-down) in the reflection of the spoons. ha!


Jodie said...

Those are super cute!
Also letting you know I received the cute little hair bows this past weekend! I will put pictures on blog, eventually. :)


Molly said...

love the new silverware!! we've got some antiwue pieces that my mom used - the kids LOVE them!

as far as your belly shot...that's not going to suffice ;)

daisies916 said...


Here's a neat science project way to clean silver. I've noticed it doesn't get everything all the time, but then you can resort to the old elbow grease method!! My step-dad and I have nerdy science fun every few trips! :)