hudson is seven months!!!

recent talents include:

~ drooling. tooth #2 is well on its way and i, for one one couldn't be more ready for it to pop through. is sleep in my future? we'll see.
~ crawling. only a few inches at a time, but he's figuring it out. i even managed to capture it on camera:

~ pulling up to stand. as if crawling weren't giving me enough of a heart attack...
~ killing time in the sandbox. favorite place to be besides mama's arms, hands down.
~ sporting a "faux-hawk." does it get any cuter?
~ loving on lucy. true friends, this little pair. hair-pulling is an unfortunate side effect.
~ snarfing down practically everything. blueberries and dirt are his current favorites. yum!

our little hudson bear. he's generally adorable--even at 2 a.m. cheers!


Mama Christina said...

Awww :) My little one LOVES blueberries, too!

Ms. 김 시로 said...

Congratulation for Hudson :)

I have a nephew and his act a bit same like Hudson.


Laura said...

Noah is so jealous of all of Hudson's hair. :)