seeing red...

garage sale-ing and thrifting are always a fun time, but sometimes luck hits right and the finds (and deals) are amazing. this past weekend was one of those times. my mom and i dragged the kids here, there and everywhere--they had a good time too, i promise. just picture lucy and her bestest bud knee deep in a pile of vintage toys and dolls--yep, the thrifting bug can bite even the littlest of us!

here are some of the take-home treasures:

vintage pinking shears. super-sharp. 50 cents. plus a trio of metal bowls ($1 for the set) and a ring of measuring spoons for lucy's play kitchen (10 cents).

a child's sewing machine. it WORKS and came in a box with all parts. amazing. $5. my budding seamstress is begging to use it, but i'm making her wait until she's three--after all, it has a real needle!

5 enamelware pots & bowls. 50 cents each. the plan was to pot them up with herbs and small flowers, but hudson had such a blast banging around with them, i think i'll leave them empty for awhile.

1950's pin the tail on the donkey game. in box, with all 24 tails. unused but for one little pinhole--must have been a sad party? $5--quite a markup from the original price of 29 cents. it'll surely get some love at our birthday bashes though!

vintage child's life vest. $1. everyone thought i was crazy for buying it, but for $1 i just couldn't leave it on the table. seriously--i tried. twice. not sure i'll actually use it to make my kiddos floaty (though it goes to 50 lbs), but it will look darling hanging up in hudson's room. now to find a hook that's worthy of the jacket!

did you notice all the red? i must have had an eye for it this weekend, no? i did, of course, buy a few other things that didn't fit the palette. along with the usual books and impossibly cheap clothes, there were vintage ball canning jars (a steal at $1 each, though missing their original zinc lids--no worries because i intend to use them as vases), a vintage block ($1) and lucy's favorite, a fisher price pocket radio (1970's) that plays it's a small world ($1). it made us all nostalgic for our favorite disneyland ride!

what were your fantastic finds this weekend?


paigely said...

ok, if i come for the EFFer meetup can we go garage sale-ing saturday morning too?? pretty please? :P

Jasmine said...

I went Garage sale-ing with my husband this weekend, but didn't come away with as much good stuff as you did. I found a huge trio of nesting laundry baskets that had never been used and still had the price tags on them for $89 for the trio, I got them for $5.

My Husband and I go for walks at his Mom and Dads, in the woods and we have a "trash" heap that we go to, that is from the 1930's to the 1970's from the previous owners. I have found tons of Ball Jars, Kerr Jars, old bottles, depression glass, red, yellow and orage glasses, plates, etc. I used the Ball Jars at our wedding for vases :D

Our last walk, we took a metal detector and came home with an iron door to a wood stove and it had the year stamped on it, it says 1926. Needless to say, we're cleaning it up and giving it a paint job.

kristen f said...

A brand new fun striped fabric shower curtain at $4 (much improving the flowered plastic one the place came with), a women's perfect condition Marmot waterproof jacket in brown with fun orange lining at $8, a Banana Republic summer skirt for $10, a Ben Sherman collared shirt for my man at a steep $14.95, and a skinny tie for $4.

This thrift store sells Theory, Oscar de la Renta, and Lacoste. Does no one else see that expensive lil' alligator?! I have stopped purchasing items based on brand name alone, but still. It gives one pause.

Not There Yet said...

I found a bentwood rocking chair in great condition for $15. Definitely my deal of the weekend!