i keep browsing my favorite blogs and coming across divine-looking recipes, recipes of which i seem to have no willpower against making myself. lucy is an enabler of the best sort--do you think we should bake today, lucy? to which she always says--yes, mama. i pinch the salt?

today we were torn between blueberry cake and lemon bars. lemon bars won out, mainly because lucy herself ate the remaining third of a quart of blueberries that we had in the fridge. this was after she ate a full breakfast. she later went on to raid the strawberry patch. growth spurt or simple summer craving--who knows?


the recipe called for a can of sweetened condensed milk, which we miraculously happened to have on hand. it also called for 4 egg yolks. after a quick run to the chicken coop with fingers crossed for 3 eggs to be there in the nesting boxes, (thanks, chickies!) we were ready to go. lucy measured, i counted. powdered sugar went flying about the room, while lucy licked it off of every surface available--dat good flour, mama! in the end, we had ourselves some very tasty lemon bars. the best i have ever made from scratch, that's for sure. try them and see for yourself!

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kristen f said...

Made em. The crust was my favorite part. Yummers.