some sweet (secondhand) things...

yesterday morning was spent garage sale-ing with my mom, lucy and hudson. a small town a few miles down the road was having a community-wide garage sale with over 100 houses participating. the nice thing about sales like these is that it's easy on the kids--getting in and out of a carseat repeatedly in order to drive from sale to sale is not a whole lot of fun. yesterday we were able to walk from house to house, browsing at our leisure. here are a few little gems of the many that we picked up along the way:

pint-sized table and chairs. lucy's already declared this a good place to eat her after-nap snack. i can see hudson joining her someday soon! had for the excellent price of $5. needs a sanding and a new layer of (chalkboard?) paint on top.
a pair of "someday" boots for hudson. at $10, this was one of the more expensive purchases i made yesterday (a $20 dresser takes top prize for cash forked out). but being that they are brand name, real leather cowboy boots in perfect condition (that retail just short of $100), i couldn't resist. they're stashed away in his closet now, waiting for his little feet to fit an 8 1/2. don't grow too fast, little man. mama likes you just the way you are.
this little clock. i didn't need it. it doesn't work. i just found it charming. and at $5, it was right below my flinch point. so, as you see, i had to have it.
i have big plans for this $2 mailbox. stay tuned to find out what!
a little enamelware pasta pot. $3. too cute, and it will allow me to get rid of a not-nearly-as-charming-but-similarly-sized stainless steel pot that didn't make me even 1/10th as happy when i used it. as lucy would say, "dat's a good trade."

we also waked away with about 10 new puzzles--some vintage, some like-new melissa & doug. all had for about a dollar apiece. lucy loves puzzles. i just have to remember to switch them out on occasion, so she doesn't get bored with them and take to entertaining herself by stuffing all the pieces down her pants. true story.

yay for garage sale season! if my luck continues, i just might have to buy myself a bigger house!

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