while they were napping...

a recent synchronized nap allowed me a bit of time to work on a project that i'd been dying to get to-- another crib bumper floor mat. i scored this adorable pottery barn bumper at a garage sale a few weeks back. i think it cost me $5. and i couldn't wait to get home and hack it up. when the planets aligned and i actually had time, of course.

and over the course of several naptimes, i did manage to complete the task of turning the bumper into a nice, padded playmat for hudson. a mat such as this is great for a baby learning to sit--and though hudson has mastered sitting, this kid needs a padded mat like you wouldn't believe. in his world, you never know when someone might decide to hug (a.k.a. dive bomb) you from across the room. um, ouch?

our pup maizy has also taken a liking to hudson's new mat. i'll be hitting the thrift store for another cheap bumper to make her a mat of her own soon, as she's been in need of a new bed for awhile. the project itself is really straightforward--cut the bumper into 4 equal pieces, stitch them together with right sides facing (a denim needle is helpful) and then bind. for lucy's mat, i bound the entire way around. for hudson's, i only bound the two sides that had raw edges. we refer to this as "second-baby syndrome" around these parts. sigh.

happy upcycling!

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Ashley W said...

This is such a fantastic idea! I have the nicest bumper pad to "upcycle" this way too! I'm a new reader, and I LOVE so much of the stuff you have posted! I'll add this project to my summer list!