hudson is 9 months!!!

wow, do you feel like he just turned 8 months? hmmm... me too. i guess that's what happens when photoshoots aren't done in a timely manner. anyhow, on to the photos:

new talents include:

~ making the fish face (see above)
~ pulling all the toys out of the toybox (see above)
~ toddling behind his block cart
~ signing "all done" when he's finished eating. i might be imagining this. not sure.
~ practically launching himself from my arms when he wants to be put down. this kid knows what he wants!

we're 3/4ths of the way to a first birthday--and walking isn't too far off either, i just know it. after all, he's got a sister to keep up with.

are you telling me that huddie will be big enough to get my toys? oh no!



Jen said...

goodness he looks like lucy!

random, but i'd love to see a photo shoot of your house... we always see glimpses and your purchases, very curious as to how it turns into a household!

Jackie said...

Adorable, as always!

Mama Christina said...

That fish face is so cute :)