the winner of the celebratory pillowcase bag was lucky #5: jen, who said, "congrats on your hundredth follower!" look for an email from me soon, jen!

thanks to all of you for your sweet comments. they mean so much--every single one put a smile on my face. you inspire me to keep inspiring you, if that makes any sense at all. i'm going to be working on a pillowcase bag tutorial as soon as i get a spare moment, since many of you expressed interest in sewing your own. it really is an easy and satisfying project.

jeremy and i have been hard at work on another endeavor--it's been extremely time-consuming and is limiting my blogging here a bit. i hope to share details soon--by early next month, for sure. but again, thank you all for reading! cheers!

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Jen said...

woo hoo! I'm such a lucky duck lately!